Wednesday, November 26, 2008

some pictures in goa

lunch at the beach
church in panjim

garlic and ginger

anjuna market

on the boat to anjuna

at my place

susi at anjuna

baga beach

baga beach

vagator beach


these are just a few pictures, it seems i can only upload one at a time here and it takes quite a while here so if anyone wants to see the full albums that are on facebook, you can email me your email at and even if you are not on facebook i can send you a link to the photo albums.


andrea said...

Garlic, Ginger and a small pistol??? or do my eyes deceive me? Looks humid! Nice ocean cow photo. xo andrea.

Moderator said...
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Moderator said...


Glad to hear that you are in Goa and nowhere near Mumbia. Take care, stay safe, and stay in touch!

Lots of love...Jonathan