Thursday, November 13, 2008

DAY 1-5

so after 28 hours in transit i arrived in goa on a lovely saturday afternoon, susi was waiting for me at the airport with a taxi. it was about an hours drive to baga which is the town where she lives. we arrived just in time to watch the sun go down on the beach and have a cold coffee. susi lives in a lovely small house about a minute walk from baga beach, she has a beautiful porch with a garden and it's where we spend most of the time when we're home. people keep telling me goa is not like the rest of india, it is very much geared towards the tourists. most people speak english and every restaurant has western, chinese, french, italian and indian food. the beach is lined with shacks that all have beach chairs to lie on and they all try and get you to sit at their shack. susi has the one she always goes to so that's where i go as well, nobody just lies on a towel on the beach. they have a couple guys that stay down by the sunbeds to take orders when you want something, water, juice, beer, food, massage.....
it's been pretty relaxing so far, nothing to adventurious, the biggest decision of the day is when to go to the beach. on tuesday we went to another beach about 2o min away that was beautiful. you have to walk down some steps built into a clif it's alot quiter and the water is calmer. yesterday we went to the next town called anjuna, every wednesday they have a huge market, it was pretty crazy, everyone wants your money. there is a restaurant on the edge of the market on the beach where they play live music while the sun is setting.....i'm staying with susi till tomorrow then moving into a hotel about a minute away from her for the next month.
so far the food has been great and i haven't had any tummy troubles, we have yogurt and fruit for breakfast, then usually lunch at the beach shack, sometimes indian, sometimes a grilled cheese with tomato if i need a break from indian, then we either have dinner at susi's or go out. well i'm off for a swim, it's getting pretty hot in this internet cafe. xoxo


Mom said...

hey, gabey baby...good on you...I love that your major decision each day is when to go to the beach! it sounds just like paradise to me! and, okay...the men waiting to take the orders for could get used to that, too! the sun is shining here in Vancouver but the only man nearby is the guy raking leaves for the city and he hasn't even noticed that I'm home sick from school sitting in the window getting a few of the sun's rays - oh, your blog and mostly just love you, love you...MOM OXOXOXO

Joyita said...

Hi Gabe,
Your ma passed on your blog after I told her that I have always wanted to see India. So you have another follower! I look forward to traveling vicariously through you. Keep safe and soak it ALL in!