Sunday, November 16, 2008


so as 95% of the ground here in baga is sand or dirt your feet are always dirty, no matter what you do how many times you wash them they seem to be a little brown. but today the daughter of one of susi's neighbours came over and gave us pedicures. so for most of the day i have managed to keep my feet relatively clean.
i have moved out of susi's now and into a hotel called alidias, it's beautiful has a pool which is surrounded by palm treas, it's like a little quiet oasis. it's not to expencive my room is 800 rupees a night which is $ 21can. it's alot for india but i'm hoping it get's cheaper after goa or i might be home in 4 months! it's also because i'm alone, i have to pay for a double room. but i have my own shower and two beds to choose from. there is a family of geckos sharing my room, but i don't charge them anything, as they eat the mosquitos.
last night i went to the saturday night market with two of susi's friends, as she was not up to coming. it was and amazing market, beautiful jewelery, fabrics, clothes and food stands from all over, greek, pizza, chinese etc.. also in the middle was a stage where live music was playing and a dance floor. kingfisher beer stands and a local wine stand which i did not try as i'm not sure how good the wine is in this heat. even beer seems to go warm before i can finish the bottle, nothing is ever really cold.


Alyssa said...

I love that there's a pizza stand at the market haha. So jealous, this sounds absolutely amazing! I am currently working on two papers so back to work I go :). Love you!

nerder said...

hey gabe, it snowed like crazy last night. i went to a family potluck at vreni's. missed you there. life sounds good in india so far.... it is nice to read your updates.
much love, sista

Mom said...

where do the geckos live? you sound as if you're settling in just fine to this new lifestyle! have you bought anything yet? LOve, Mom OX