Thursday, February 19, 2009

back to goa.....again

well i am now back in baga, goa. i spent a couple extra days in cochi with another girl i met after kim left. she has been living in south goa since november and was spending a week in cochi. i still didn't really know where i was going to go when i was with her, but then i talked to susi and another friend from goa and realized i wanted to come back here for another visit. so i headed to the train station with no ticket and hoped for the best! i got the the station around 1pm and told the guy i needed to get to goa as soon as possible, there was an express train that night at 10:30pm and i got on the waiting list and wouldn't find out till 5pm if i had a seat, but he was 100% sure i would get on as well as the other 3 people i talked to. well they were right i did get a seat and made it to goa by 10am the next morning, it was the fastest train i've ever been on!
so i have been here since then visiting, hanging out with friends and working on my tan. a little holiday within my holiday, i would never complain but it can get tiring moving around so much, sometimes it's nice to just stay in one place for a couple weeks, especially if it's near a beach.
well in one week i will be moving again, heading up north to rajastan, jaipur to be exact. i am planning on spending my last 2 months (ahhhhh, only 2 months left!) in northern india. it should be warming up there by now, as i don't have any cold weather clothes i didnt' want to go to early. from what i've heard it's very different from the south, so we'll see.......xoxo

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