Saturday, December 13, 2008

hampi to mysore

well i have finally made it to a computer, my last few days in hampi the power always seemed to be out when i wanted to use one or i would be on for a few minutes and the connection would stop working, oh well that's india. so now i am in mysore, i arrived yesterday afternoon after an overnight train ride to bangalore then was taken to a travel agency to book a bus ticket to mysore. i ended up getting a ride on a tour bus so it took 3 extra hours to get to my hotel as they stopped at a few places once here, so i got to see a few things right away.

so hampi was amazing i ended up spending 8 days there, 1 of them being violently ill 2 of them recovering and the rest seeing the sights and relaxing. i don't think i ate anything bad as after talking to a bunch of people where i was staying it seems there were at least about 7 others that were sick with vomiting and dirreaha while i was there, so i think there was a bug that was being passed around. but i tell you it was 8 hours of my life i hope never to experience again....hampi has many temples and rocks, huge rocks that after years of erosion have ended up in precarious positions, i thought so anyways. there were definitely a few that i would not stand under. one day i climbed up mantanga hill there are rocks that have been put into place for steps some places it took about an hour but was well worth it as you had a 360 degree view of hampi. coming down was another story, sometimes it was on my bum. another day i was picked up at 5:30am by two brothers and their rickshaw and taken to monkey temple to feed some monkeys and see the sunrise. to get to the top you had to climb 575 stairs which is a good way to wake you up, it was a beautiful sunrise and the monkeys were pretty cute to. a lady at the bottom sells bananas so you can feed them. after sunrise we waked down and had chai, while the boys had a "shower" in the river, they then took me to a little food stall for an indian breakfast (i think it was their breakfast time). it was very good, we had more chai, and two different dishes one called idlis which are steamed patties of rice and dal flour served with a coconut chili sauce, the other were polis (i'm not sure on spelling). they were fried discs i think he said similar to chipatis but fried, anyways they were good, these were served with a chutney, on the side 2 chili pakorsa, all served on banana leaves. so i ate while they all watched me, i swear more people came in just to see me eat, especially the kids they are pretty cute. they all ask you your name and then tell you theirs and say nice to meet you, then ask you for a school pen, even if they don't go to school. i am getting better with the staring thing, it's not bothering me as much as i have realized it's not going to stop so theirs nothing i can do. i try to cover my self as much as i can without overheating but it doesn't matter they still stare and some longer then others.

well i have tried to add some pictures to this post but it doesn't seem to be working, which for some reason seems to be the norm for uploading on the blog site, for me anyways. so i think i will just stick with the facebook for pictures as most people can see them their. if not just let me know and i'll email you the link when i post them.

so far mysore is very different, it's the biggest place i've stayed in so far, so a bit harder to find my way around. this morning a kid stopped me when i was leaving my hotel and asked if i wanted him to show me around a bit and he didn't even want any money! but i'm pretty sure he got some commision from the stores he took me to. at least he asked me where i wanted to go, what i wanted to buy instead of taking me to some bad tourist shops. mysore is famous for 3 things sandlewood, silk and incense. so we first went to an essential oil place where i didn't end up buying sandlewood oil but white lilly as it's sapposed to repel mosquitos(i'll take all the help i can get),they also gave me some incense samples as i didn't want to buy any, i felt bad telling them i hate incense. next was a silk store where i bought a scarf. after we went to a palm reader, they are everywhere here, apparently i'm not getting married till after 36, and 33 is a very good year for me. we then parted ways and i went to the big market in town and walked around a bit before going to the train station to book my ticket to chennai on the 16th where i will then transfer on to pondacherry. well i can see the sun is starting to set and i don't like to walk around in the dark so i will sign off for now. xoxo

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